В. Каушанская - Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка

Тут можно читать бесплатно В. Каушанская - Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка. Жанр: Языкознание издательство неизвестно, год 2004. Так же Вы можете читать полную версию (весь текст) онлайн без регистрации и SMS на сайте (mybrary) или прочесть краткое содержание, предисловие (аннотацию), описание и ознакомиться с отзывами (комментариями) о произведении.
Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка
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В. Каушанская - Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка

В. Каушанская - Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка краткое содержание

В. Каушанская - Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка - описание и краткое содержание, автор В. Каушанская, читайте бесплатно онлайн на сайте электронной библиотеки Mybrary.Ru

Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка читать онлайн бесплатно

Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка - читать книгу онлайн бесплатно, автор В. Каушанская
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1. Мы его спросили, где он купил словарь. 2. Он меня спросил, читала ли я Теккерея в оригинале или в переводе. 3. Она меня спросила, где я живу. 4. Я спросила сестру, почему она не хочет идти со мной в театр. 5. Я спросила, часто ли она ходит в филармонию. 6. Он спросил меня, видела ли я когда-нибудь его сестру. 7. Он спросил, где я работаю. 8. Она спросила, почему я отклонила это предложение. 9. Она спросила, когда приходила Нина. 10. Он спросил, люблю ли я драму.

Exercise 7. Convert into indirect speech.

1. "Get up, Jo-Lea," Mrs. Bingham said. (Warren)2. "Daddy — oh, Daddy," the girl said, "oh, let me stay." (Warren)3. "Martha!" he called in a loud, commanding voice that echoed up and down the corridor. "Martha, come back here!" (Caldwell)4. "Gretta, please say something," he begged. "I've got to know if you are all right." (Caldwetl) 5. "Both of you come with me," Conder said, "and have a drink at the Fitzroy." 6. "Now, Miss Dunbar," said Holmes, "I beg you to tell us exactly what occurred that evening." (Conan Doyle)7. "Now you go and get me my hammer. Will," he would shout. "And don't you go, Maria." (Jerome K,- Jeromey 8. "Come here, Martha!" he called, at the same time beckoning urgently. "What is it, Dr. Kenworthy?" she. asked in her shy, breathless manner. '-'Let's have some coffee, Martha." (Caldwelt) 9. She. went to the window and looked out. "Do come and look, Arthur," she said. (Bennett)10. "And now, mamma," said Sylviane, "let us' hear this wonderful news." (Bennett)11. "Come back," said the warning voice of Mrs. Hewitt, "don't let him see you." Arthur withdrew his head. (Bennett)12. "The lake is lovely," said Arthur. "Suppose we go for a sail," she [Sylviane] replied, taking his hand. (Bennett)13. "What can I do?" he said, gruffly. "They wouldn't'listen to me." "Try," said Jean. "Some men are always listened to." (Galsworthy)14. He turned to her with a rough gesture. "Don't worry, Savina!" (Wilson)15. "Lilly, Lilly," he said. "Don't go away!" (Wilson)16. "Play one," he said to Monty softly, "play one of your brother's songs." (Warren)17. "Then, dearest, look at me," said Stephen (to Maggie] in deepest, tenderest tones of entreaty. "Don't go away from me yet. Give me a moment's happiness — make me feel you've forgiven me." (Eliot)18. "Do me a last favour, Betteredge," says Mr. Franklin, "get me away to the train as soon as you can!" (Collins)19. "Now, Mr. Betteredge," he went on, "suppose we drop speculation, and get to business." (Collins)

Exercise 8. Translate into English.

1. Он ей сказал, чтобы она не запирала дверь. 2. Мы ей сказали, чтобы она не звонила Ольге, 3. Мы ему сказали, чтобы он нас не ждал. 4. Доктор сказал им, чтобы они не будили больного. 5. Секретарь сказал, чтобы они не отправляли письма. 6. Мой приятель предложил, чтобы мы пошли в Русский музей. 7. Она предложила нам провести день за городом. 8. Доктор посоветовал мне поехать на юг. 9. Она предложила перевести для нас статью. 10. Она предложила, чтобы мы перевели статью. 11. Мы ему сказали, чтобы он пришел' к пяти часам.

Exercise 9. Convert into indirect speech.

1. "О Dickl" she exclaimed, "I am so glad you are came!" (Hardy)2. "Sylviane! forgive me!" Arthur exclaimed. (Bennett)3. "It's lovely here," Kay Rimmer said. "What a lot of books you have." (Greene)4. "Oh, how can you be cruel like that!" she cried. (Warren)5. "O, please forgive me, Tom; my heart will break," said Maggie. (Eliot)6. "How nice to see a new face," the woman in black velvet said. (Greene) 7. "O, there is Tomf" exclaimed Lucy, clapping her bands. (Eliot)8. "Oh," she said again at sight of the only picture on the walls, "how lovely. Who's that?" (Greene)

Exercise 10. Translate into English.

1. Он сказал с горечью, что они забыли свои обещания. 2. Она с возмущением сказала, что никак (never) не ожидала такого ответа. 3. Она с грустью сказала, что не может принять участия в экскурсии, так как у нее больна сестра. 4. Она радостно вскричала, что нашла книгу, которую искала несколько месяцев. 5. Она с удивлением спросила, почему ей не сообщили эту новость раньше.

Exercise П. Convert into indirect speech.

1. Swindon: Who arrested this man? Sergeant: I did, sir. 1 found him in the minister's house, sitting at tea, with the lady with his coat off, quite at home. If he isn't married to her, he ought to be. (Shaw)2. "I beg your pardon, Sir," said Mr. Pickwick [to the young man], "and I am very sorry to disturb the other gentlemen, too, but I come on very particular business." (Dickens)3. "Good-bye,. Lilian," he said to his wife, pleasantly, kindly. "I'll be coming out ta attend some of these court proceedings." To his sister he said: "Good-bye, Anna. Don't let the others get too down-hearted." (Dreiser)4. "You wouldn't," he said, "like to leave a message, Miss, or write a note?" "Thank you, no." He stood a moment, looking at her as if debating whether she was armed. "Miss Tasburgh?" he said. "Tasborough," answered Jean. "Lord Saxenden knows me," and raised her eyes. (Galsworthy)5. "Monsieur," she asked, "do you speak French?" "Perfectly." "Then can you tell me where they take the tickets?" The young man shook his head. "No," said he, "I am a foreigner." The girl sighed. "But what is the matter, ma'moiselle?" (Galsworthy)6. "There is no good in my going to see little Hans as long as the snow lasts," the Miller used to say to his wife, "for when people are in trouble they should be left alone, and not be bothered by visitors. That at least is my idea about friendship, and I am sure I am right. So I shall wait till the spring comes, and then I shall pay him a visit, and he will be able to give me a large basket of primroses, and that will make him so happy." "You are certainly very thoughtful about others," answered the wife. (Wilde)7. "Have you mended the hole in the roof yet, little Hans?" cried the Miller in a cheery voice. "It is quite mended," answered little Hans. "Ohl" said the Miller, "there is no work so delightful as the work one does for others." "It is certainly a great privilege to hear you talk," answered little Hans,... "But I am afraid I shall never have such beautiful ideas as you have." (Wilde)8. "Dear little Hans," said the Miller,"would you mind carrying this sack of flour for me to market?" "Oh, I am so sorry", said Hans, "but I am really very busy to-day. I have got all my creepers to nail up, and all my flowers to water, and all my grass to roll." (Wilde)9. "Who is there?" cries the Doctor. "Little Hans, Doctor." "What do you want, little Hans?" "The Miller's son has fallen from a ladder, and has hurt himself, and the Miller wants you to come at once." (Wilde)10. She [Caro] said, her eyes wild, but with no tears in them. "I don't know how I shall bear being alone. I don't know how I am to bear it." (Snow)11. "I'm coming to Drover all in good time," Bennett said. "There'll be petition to sign. Do you expect us to attack the prison?" (Greene)12. Drouet was on the corner waiting, in good spirits. "Hello, Carrie," he said... "Got here safe, did you? Well, we'll take a car." (Dreiser)13. "Minnie! What's the matter? Here, wake up," said Hanson, disturbed, and shaking her by the shoulder. "Wha-what's the matter?" said Minnie drowsily. "Wake up," he said, "and turn over. You're talking in your sleep." (Dreiser)14. Mrs. Volterra shook hands with Erik. "Hello," she said, "I'm very glad to know you at last." (Wilson)15. Dinny took a cigarette, and, with a long puff, said: "You saw great — Uncle Cuffs, didn't you, Uncle Adrian?" (Galsworthy)16. She said quickly, trying to divert him: "I saw the Queen just now. Going into the cinema. Why does she wear hats like that?" (Greene)

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