В. Каушанская - Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка

Тут можно читать бесплатно В. Каушанская - Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка. Жанр: Языкознание издательство неизвестно, год 2004. Так же Вы можете читать полную версию (весь текст) онлайн без регистрации и SMS на сайте (mybrary) или прочесть краткое содержание, предисловие (аннотацию), описание и ознакомиться с отзывами (комментариями) о произведении.
Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка
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В. Каушанская - Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка

В. Каушанская - Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка краткое содержание

В. Каушанская - Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка - описание и краткое содержание, автор В. Каушанская, читайте бесплатно онлайн на сайте электронной библиотеки Mybrary.Ru

Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка читать онлайн бесплатно

Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка - читать книгу онлайн бесплатно, автор В. Каушанская

1. __ love seemed now so little __ thing, seemed to have lost __ warmth and __ power... (Galsworthy)2. It was too great __ P shock to be borne with __ calmness, and she immediately left __ room. (Austen)3. It's as good __ place, I suppose, as you could find. (Galsworthy)4. Mrs. Todgers was __ lady, __ rather bony and hard-featured lady. (Dickens)5. It was quite __ way down to __ main road and then we walked along __ main road about __ mile and __ half. (Hemingway)6. But he,., gave her so long and so peculiar __ stare from __ corner where he was having tea, that she knew he had not forgiven her. (Galsworthy)7. She seemed to take rather __ fancy to me. (Galsworthy)

Exercise 21. Translate into English.

1. Такую интересную книгу приятно перечитать. 2. Это слишком длинный роман, чтобы его можно было прочесть в два дня. 3. Это такая же светлая каюта, как та. 4. Я не могу ответить на такой странный вопрос. 5. Это довольно интересная статья. 6, Как вы могли упустить такой редкий случай? 7. Какое нелепое возражение! 8. Оба письма были отправлены утром. 9. Все бумаги подписаны. 10. Это слишком сложная проблема, чтобы ее можно было разрешить в такое короткое время.

Exercise 22. Translate into Russian. (Ways of expressing the meaning of the English articles in Russian.)

1. I am very fond of Helen, there is a great charm about the girl. 2. The man was slowly walking along the street. 3. A man was slowly walking along the street 4. We've bought the butter in this shop. 5. We've bought some butter. 6. A girl showed me the way to the station. 7. I shouldn't like to live here; there is something gloomy about the house. 8. You had better not attempt to be a governess, as the duties of the position would be too severe for your constitution. (Ch. Bronte)

Exercise 23. Translate into English.

1. Я не знала, что собака в комнате. 2. Я не знала, что в комнате есть собака. 3. Принесите муку. 4. Принесите муки. 5. Девушка подошла к окну. 6. К окну подошла девушка.

Exercise 24. Insert articles where necessary. (Special cases.)


Day, night, morning, evening.

1. Outside it was __ night. (Murdoch)2. It was __ warm summer night. (Snow)3. __ night outside seemed very quiet. (Greene)4. It was __ foggy evening in November. (Murdoch) 5. During _ evening we played innumerable games of piquet... (Maugham)6. It was __ evening, and he was walking across the school grounds on his way home. (Saroyan)7. He wondered what hour it was. __ sun seemed to indicate __ late morning... (Greene) 8. I think it's going to be __ fine morning, after all. (Shaw) 9. __ morning was cold and sharp and sunny. (Greene)10. It is __ early morning. (Shaw)11. We are going to have __ ideal night. (Shaw)12. __ night being sharp and frosty, we trembled from __ head to __ foot. (Dickens)13. It was early in __ afternoon. (Murdoch)14. __ night was __ windy one, with broken clouds drifting swiftly across __ face of __ three-quarter moon. (Conan Doyle)15. __ night came and he sent his sadness into his sleep. (Saroyan)16. I was up at six in __ morning. (/. Shaw)17. She has had __ bad night, probably __ rather delirious night. (Shaw) 18. __ machines at __ factory were in perpetual motion __ day and __ night. (Murdoch)19. Arthur did not pass __ sleepless night; he slept long and well, for __ sleep comes to __ perplexed, if __ perplexed are only weary enough. (Eliot)20. It was about ten o'clock at __ night. (Maugham)21. __ fine September afternoon was dying fast. (Galsworthy)22. I persuaded him to stay __ night with me, and I put him into my own bed. (Maugham) 23. It was __ morning after Roger had talked to me in __ Park, and Margaret and I were sitting at breakfast. (Snow)24. __ day was by This time approaching; __ West was dim, __ East beginning to gleam. (Ch. Bronte)25. On __ bright January morning __ telephones kept ringing in my office. (Snow)26. I cannot describe to you __ intense silence of __ night. (Maugham)27. I shall not forget __ evening I spent with him. I had not intended to stay more than __ hour, but he insisted that I should spend __ night. (Maugham)28. He painted and he read, and in ^ _ evening, when it was dark, they sat together on __ veranda, smoking and looking at __ night. (Maugham)29. It was as lovely __ morning as one could desire. (Jerome K. Jerome)30. It was __ glorious night. __ moon had sunk, and left __ quiet earth alone with __ stars. (Jerome K. Jerome)31. Nell dropped __ curtsey, and told him they were __ poor travellers who sought __ shelter for __ night. __ schoolmaster told them that they were welcome to remain under his roof till __ morning. (Dickens)32. Every day I was up at __ dawn, clearing, planting, working on my house, and at — night when I threw myself on my bed it was to sleep like.— log till __ morning. (Maugham)

Exercise 25. Translate into English.

I. Утро было холодное и ветреное. 2. Был теплый летний вечер. 3. Настала ночь, и путешественники решили отдохнуть. 4. Он пишет с утра до ночи. 5. Он переночевал у приятеля. 6. Он провел бессонную ночь и был очень бледен. 7. Приятно поехать за город в ясный летний день. 8. И днем и ночью он думал об одном. 9. Было прекрасное утро — солнечное и тихое. 10. Было раннее утро, и все в доме еще спали.

Exercise 26. Insert articles where necessary.


Names of seasons.

1. It was __ winter, and __ night of bitter cold. (Wilde) 2. You see, __ winter was __ very bad time for me, and I really had no money at all to buy __ bread with. (Wilde)3. It was __ very dark evening for __ summer. (E. Bronte) 4. __ summer drew to __ end, and __ early autumn. (E. Bronte) 5. I wondered if __ autumn would come upon us two months before her time. (Du Майrier) 6. ft was __ lovely evening in __ spring time of __ year; and in. __ soft stillness of __ twilight, all __ nature was very calm and beautiful. __ day had been fine and warm; but at __ coming on of __ night, __ air grew cool. (Dickens) 7. It was pretty late in __ autumn of __ year when __ declining sun, struggling through __ mist which had obscured it all day, looked brightly upon __ little Wiltshire village. (Dickens)8. There was going to be __ election soon, we all knew: this was. __ spring of 1955. (Snow)9. It was __ cold fall and __ wind came dowd from __ mountains. (Hemingway)10. It was __ fine day, early in __ spring, and we were in __ good humour. (Maugham)

Exercise 27. Translate into English.

1. Была ранняя весна. 2. Была дождливая, холодная осень. 3. Осень была исключительно теплая; стояла ясная, солнечная погода. 4. Мое любимое время года — лето. 5. Лето 1941 года было очень жаркое.

Exercise 28. Insert articles where necessary.


Bed, school, prison, town.

1. It was eleven o'clock. Annette was still in __ bed. (Murdoch)2. Stefan, who had been sitting on the edge of __ bed, came near to her and smiled for __ first time. (Murdoch)3. May comb was __ old town. (Lee) 4. Dolores said nothing all __ way to __ town. (/. Shaw)5. Yes, he and my brother had been to __ school together. (Snow)6. Before that she had taught history in __ girls' school. (Murdoch)7. __ school was not __ particularly good one. (Conan Doyle)8. I never knew __ lawyer yet who didn't threaten to put me in __ prison sooner or later. (Shaw)9. Steger next visited __ county jail, close on to five o'clock, when it was already dark. (Dreiser)10. In all probability he was already in — town. (Austen)11. Among other public buildings in __ certain town... there is one anciently common to most towns, great or small... — __ workhouse. (Dickens)12. After leaving __ school, I became clerk to her father. (Lindsay)13. She graduated from __ Pedagogical Institute __ year ago and now she is working at __ school in __ village near Leningrad. 14. __ prison where Little Dorrit was born was called "The Marshalsea". 15. I haven't done anything that warrants my running away or going to __ prison, either. I'm merely going there to save time at __ present. (Dreiser) 16. It was in my walk that night, and in __ sleepless hours which followed when I lay in. __ bed, that __ thought first occurred to me which afterwards shaped itself into __ settled resolution* (Dickens)17. He told with __ perfect truth... how he had in time been released from __ prison. (Dickens)18. "When you think of me at all, John, let it only be as __ little child you have seen grow up in __ prison. (Dickens)19. You take your man home, Mrs. Dubedut, and get him to __ bed before eleven. (Shaw)20. I'm going to be out of __ town for a few days. So I may not even see you again. (Faulkner)21. Unless we can give __ rector. __ bed he had nowhere to lay his head this night. (Shaw)22. Who could be in — _ prison __ quarter of __ century, and be prosperous! (Dickens)

Exercise 29. Translate into English.

1. Она легла спать в три часа и встала с головной болью. 2. Почему вы так поздно вернулись из города? 3. Женщина подошла к кровати и накрыла ребенка одеялом. 4. Она плохо себя чувствовала и провела весь день в постели. 5. Сегодня мне надо пойти в школу на родительское собрание. 6. Я провела все лето в городе. 7. Когда сестра окончила школу, она поступила в консерваторию. 8. Мы провели несколько дней в маленьком городке на Кавказе. 9. Мы живем на даче, но часто приезжаем в город. 10. О. Генри был обвинен в краже, и, хотя он был невиновен, его посадили в тюрьму. Он сидел в тюрьме три года.

Exercise 30. Insert articles where necessary.


Names of meals.

1. He said he had letters to write and if I would allow him, would remain in his room till __ dinner was ready. (Jerome K. Jerome)2. He came in one morning when I was having — breakfast on __ terrace of __ hotel and introduced himself. (Maugham) 3. I saw to it that he had __ good dinner. (Jerome K. Jerome) 4. We had __ cold bacon for __ lunch that day. There was not much of it. I took it to be __ bacon we had not eaten for — breakfast. But on __ clean dish with parsley it looked rather neat. (Jerome K. Jerome)5. Mr. Clay settled back in his chair, savoring his drink, expecting __ good dinner. (/. Shaw)6. __ dinner was very sound. (Bennett) 7. Come and have __ tea on __ deck. (Bennett)8. They had __ supper in __ silence. (Murdoch)9. __ little expedition down __ river was delightful, and __ little room overlooking __ river into which they were shown for __ dinner was delightful. (Dickens)10. In __ tiny dining-room, we were having __ excellent dinner, cooked by Mary Osbaldiston-.. (Snow) 11. She... began to dress for __ dinner to which she had been invited. (Austen)12. When he arrived... __ famous Contract was at __ dinner. (Dreiser)13. When they arrived and mounted __, stairs, Stefan behaved as usual, and soon they were eating. __ supper which Jan had prepared. (Murdoch)14. He assisted her... in setting forth __ neat luncheon, consisting of __ cold chicken, __ ham and __ tarts. (Ch. Bronte)15. __ dinner was __ grand one. (Austen)16. I shall be glad to see you at __ lunch at half past one. (Shaw) 17. He had given me __ dinner, and __ good one. (Snow)

Exercise 31. Translate into English.

I. Мы позавтракали в восемь часов. 2. Завтрак состоял из хлеба с маслом, сыра и кофе. 3. Не опаздывайте к обеду. 4. Обед еще не готов. 5. Наши знакомые пригласили нас на обед.

Exercise 32. Insert articles where necessary. (Articles with nouns modified by certain adjectives, pronouns, and numerals.)



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