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Кот в сапогах
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14 февраль 2019
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Шарль Перро - Кот в сапогах

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Шарль Перро - Кот в сапогах - описание и краткое содержание, автор Шарль Перро, читайте бесплатно онлайн на сайте электронной библиотеки Mybrary.Ru
Серия «Английский клуб» включает книги и учебные пособия, рассчитанные на пять этапов изучения английского языка: Elementary (для начинающих), Pre-Intermediate (для продолжающих первого уровня). Intermediate (для продолжающих второго уровня). Upper intermediate (для продолжающих третьего уровня) и Advanced (для совершенствующихся).Серийное оформление А. М. Драгового

Кот в сапогах читать онлайн бесплатно

Кот в сапогах - читать книгу онлайн бесплатно, автор Шарль Перро

2) The Cat came ___ to the King.

3) The Cat and his master thanked the King ___ one voice.

4) The castle was ___ the park.

5) The crop ___wheat was high.

6. Fill in the right form of the verb to be.

1) Whose mill ___ this?

2) Whose partridges ___ those?

3) Whose hay ___ this?

4) Whose coins ___ those?

7. Describe the King's journey. Say what he saw and heard in all those places.

8. The princess was fond of white roses. Say what you and your friends are fond of.

9. Choose a place from the list (a field, a meadow, a park, a garden). Draw a picture of that place with some people and animals. Tell a story about them.

Chapter 5

The Cat in Boots ran to the castle. It stood in the middle of a big park. There were wonderful flowers everywhere in the park.

The castle itself was a beautiful high building with small towers. The roofs were red. The walls of the castle were made of white stone. The windows were narrow but high. The rooms on the ground floor had the highest windows. And through the glass visitors could see elegant green curtains.

The castle belonged to a giant. He was the richest giant in the country. All the fields, meadows and woods around the castle were part of his lands. Many people worked for him.

The Cat already knew a lot about the Giant. He was a cruel man. Everyone was terribly afraid of him.

The Cat put on a brave face and went to the castle with his boots on. Soon he arrived at the gate. He asked a servant to speak to the Giant.

"I am a traveller," he said, "I was not far from here. I couldn't go so near the castle of such a noble gentleman without meeting him."

The Giant heard this message and agreed to see the visitor. He was going to have dinner, so he was in a good mood.

"Please sit down and have dinner with me," he said to the Cat.

"Thank you, sir," said the Cat. "But first I hope you can answer a question. They say that you can change yourself into any animal. A lion, for example, or an elephant."

"That's true," said the Giant. "And I can prove it just now. Look! Whom do you see now?"

And the Giant changed himself into a big lion.

The Cat was terribly frightened. He even climbed up the curtain. Of course, it wasn't easy to climb in boots. But the lion was so big! How can you be brave and keep still near such an awful animal?

A few moments later the lion changed back into the Giant. The Cat came down.

"I'm so sorry, sir. I was very frightened," he said. "But do you know what I think? It was easy for such a big gentleman as you to change yourself into a large animal. But I'm afraid even you can't become a small animal, such as a rat or a mouse. It's just impossible."

"Impossible!" cried the Giant, very angry. "See how it's impossible!"

At the same moment he changed himself into a mouse. The mouse began to run about the floor.

It was part of the Cat's plan. He jumped on the mouse at once and ate it. So that was the end to the Giant.

Helpful Words & Notes

the ground floor — первый этаж (the ground floor — дословно этаж на земле; так называют нижний этаж в Великобритании; the first floor — это наш второй этаж, и т. д.; в Америке этажи, как правило, называются так же, как и у нас).

a lot = much.

The Cat put on a brave face and went to the castle with his boots on. — Кот сделал вид, что ему не страшно, и, не снимая сапог, отправился в замок.

I couldn't go so near the castle of such a noble gentleman without meeting him. — Я не мог пройти мимо замка такого благородного господина, не встретившись с ним.

in a good mood — в хорошем настроении.

They say — Говорят.

change yourself into — превращаться в (Обратите внимание на то, что местоимение должно употребляться в том же числе и лице, что и подлежащее: you — yourself, he — himself.)

That's true — Всё верно.

keep still — не шевелиться, не двигаться.

ate — форма прошедшего времени глагола eat.


1. Say who:

• arrived at the gate of the Giant's castle with his boots on.

• gave the Cat's message to the Giant.

• invited the Cat to dinner.

• changed himself into a lion.

• climbed up the curtain.

• began to run about the floor.

• jumped on the mouse and ate it.

2. Answer the questions.

1) What did the Giant's castle look like?

2) What did the Cat know about the Giant?

3) Why did the Giant agree to see the unusual visitor?

4) Why did the Cat climb up the curtain?

5) What made the Giant angry?

6) What happened to the Giant?

3. Choose right.

1) The walls of the castle were made of ___.

a) black stone

b) white glass

c) white stone

2) The rooms on the ___ had

the highest windows.

a) second floor

b) ground floor

c) fifth floor

3) The Giant changed into ___ and into ___.

a) an elephant, a rat

b) a mouse, a lion

c) a lion, a mouse.

4. Fill in the nouns from the box.

traveller servant mood tower

1) Look! He's smiling. He must be in a good ___

2) The ___ visited a lot of old castles and palaces.

3) The old ___ brought his master hot tea.

4) The princess lived in a high ___ with long narrow windows.

5. Make up sentences using two groups of words. Make up your own sentences.

Example: This coat is made of fur. The benches were made of wood.

Things building wall book gate coin

Material glass stone silver wood paper

6. Fill in the prepositions if necessary.

1) "Is your master ___ a bad mood?" asked the Cat.

2) "Can you change ___ a small animal?" asked the Cat.

3) "Are we going to have ___ dinner in this room?" asked the Cat.

4) "Are you afraid ___ me?" asked the Giant.

7. Answer the questions and speak about yourself.

1) Where do you have dinner?

2) What do you like to have for dinner?

3) What do you do before you have dinner?

8. Draw a picture of the castle and describe it. Imagine what the King's palace may look like. Draw a picture of the palace and describe it too.

9. Imagine that you're the Cat. Tell your master how you played a trick on the Giant.

Chapter 6

Meanwhile the King, his daughter and the Marquis of Carabas arrived at the castle. The carriage drove over the drawbridge with a loud noise. The Cat heard the noise and ran out into the yard to meet the visitors.

"Welcome, sir, to the castle of the Marquis of Carabas," he said in a loud voice.

"Your castle is so beautiful, Marquis," said the King. "Nothing could be finer than this yard and all these buildings. It's not a castle at all. It's a real palace. Let's go inside and look around, if you don't mind."

The King got out of the carriage and went to the door. The Marquis, without speaking, gave his hand to the princess. As soon as she got out of the carriage, they followed the King.

The King and his companions went through several beautiful rooms and came into a great hall. In the middle of the hall they saw a long table. It was ready for dinner. There were a lot of wonderful things on the table. All of them were the Giant's favourite dishes.

"Why don't we have dinner now?" said the Marquis. "Please sit down."

The guests took their,places. Everyone was hungry, so the dinner started at once.

The King was happy. His daughter was happy too. The girl, in fact, was very much in love with the handsome and polite young man.

His majesty was a practical man, too.

"The marquis is a noble gentleman. My daughter likes him, and he's rich. I think he can make a good husband for my daughter," he thought after his sixth or seventh glass of wine.

Soon the dinner was over. The King looked across the table at the miller's son.

"Do you like my daughter, marquis?" he said.

"Yes, sir," said the young man.

"You can marry her then. If you want, of course," said the King. "That's your choice."

"I am happy to do that," said the Marquis of Carabas.

The princess's happy eyes said the same.

The miller's son married the King's daughter the next day. The young man was happy. He was a rich noble gentleman now. The Giant's castle belonged to him. He had all the Giant's lands, too. And he had a beautiful wife.

The Cat in Boots became at once a great lord. Of course, he stayed in the castle with the marquis and the princess. He ordered more elegant boots for himself. But he never ran after mice any more, except for pleasure.

Helpful Words & Notes

drawbridge — подъемный мост; мост над рвом, который поднимается в случае нападения врага.

Welcome — Добро пожаловать.

Let's go inside and look around, if you don't mind. — Давайте посмотрим, какой замок внутри, если вы не возражаете.

his companions — его спутники.

in fact — в действительности.

I think he can make a good husband for my daughter — Я думаю, он может стать хорошим мужем моей дочери.

That's your choice. — Выбор за вами.

the same — то же самое.

But he never ran after mice any more, except for pleasure. — Ho с тех пор он охотился на мышей только для собственного удовольствия.


1. Answer the questions.

1) Who ran out in the yard to meet the King and his companions?

2) Where did the King and his companions have dinner?

3) What idea did the King have after his sixth or seventh glass of wine?

4) Did the miller's son like that idea? Why?

2. Put the sentences in the right order.

1) The miller's son married the King's daughter.

2) The King's carriage drove over the drawbridge.

3) The Cat ordered nicer boots for himself.

4) The King and his companions sat down to have dinner.

5) The King got out of the carriage and went to the door.

6) The Cat in Boots became a great lord.

7) The King looked across the table at the miller's son.

3. Complete the sentences.

1) The Cat ran out into the yard because…

2) The King went inside the castle because…

3) The miller's son invited his guests to have dinner because…

4) The King offered the young man to marry his daughter because…

4. Fill in the nouns from the box.

choice mood wine husband dish

1) "What is your favourite ___, Your Majesty?" asked the Marquis of Carabas.

2) "I prefer red ___," said the King.

3) It's not always easy to make a good ___.

4) The miller's son made a good ___ for the princess.

5) After dinner the King's ___ changed.

5. Put the verbs in brackets in the right form.

1) The King's carriage (to drive) into the yard of the castle.

2) "You can (to become) my daughter's husband," said the King.

3) "The castle now (to belong) to you, Master," said the Cat.

4) The Cat (to refuse) to drink wine at that dinner in the castle.

6. Fill in the prepositions from the box.

on in among through into

1) The princess was ___ love with the miller's son.

2) The Giant changed ___ a small mouse.

3) The Cat put ___ a brave face and came up to the Giant.

4) The road to the castle went ___ the park.

5) The Cat hid ___ the trees, waiting for the King's carriage.

7. Describe the dinner in the castle.

8. The King was a practical man. What other characters were practical too? How can you prove that?

9. The Cat promised to bring his master luck. Did he do it? How did he do it?

10. Did you like the story? Who is your favourite character? Why?



about [ə’baʋt] prep o, по

across [ə’krɒs] prep через, по ту сторону

admire [əd’maɪər] v восхищаться

agree [ə’gri: ] v соглашаться

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